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5 Things you should never say to your girlfriend

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Which boy doesn’t want to keep his girlfriends happy? I am sure everyone wants to bring a smile on his girl’s face. If you want the same thing to happen then you must never say these things to your girlfriend:
1.    Whenever your girl asks you, “How am I looking?” Never ever say ‘fine’. Girls love compliments and can’t digest such a cold response.OMGKAV0508-12.    Never praise or compliment a girl in front of your girlfriend. She can never take it. This would make her upset and could lead to a fight with her.OMGKAV0508-23.    Never offer her to accompany you on a walk or to a gym, or to do workout as chances are high that she will take your words as a taunt for getting fatty.OMGKAV0508-34.     Girls hate it when they are telling you something very excitedly and you end up saying, “What? Can you repeat, Sorry, I was not listening?” They are attention mongers and can’t digest the thing that you were not listening to her.OMGKAV0508-45.    Even if in an argument your girlfriend is overreacting, never say that on her face. She knows it well that she is getting hyper but will never agree if you say that. And you two will end up fighting.    OMGKAV0508-5

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