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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are in A Yoga Class

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Yoga is among the most beneficial things that can help you in living a happy and healthy life. There are a number of things that can distract you in a yoga room. Here are five things that you shouldn’t do in a yoga class.

1. Don’t Eat Before Yoga Class: A meal before yoga can hamper your practice. When you are full, you cannot perform yoga activities perfectly. If still you want to eat something because you are too hungry, you can have a banana and that too about thirty minutes before starting yoga session.OMGVIS0205-1
2. Stop Competing: Yoga is a practice that cannot be taken as a competition. When you are in a yoga class, don’t compete with others and with yourself. Every session of yoga class is different where you cannot compare your current session with the previous session.OMGVIS0205-2
3. Don’t Use Your Mobile: When you are in a yoga class, you are not allowed to take a call or text your friend. Try not taking your cell phone in yoga class or keep it on silent mode.OMGVIS0205-3
4. Tell Your Instructor About Your Injury: If you have an injury, don’t hide it from your instructor because sometimes it can be dangerous for you. Tell your instructor about a pain or injury, so that your exercise can be modified.OMGVIS0205-4
5. Don’t Doubt Instructor: The person who is going to teach you yoga is an expert, don’t question that person’s abilities. If your instructor asks you not to attempt a new exercise, don’t attempt it.    OMGVIS0205-5

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