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6 best and worst things about hostel life

6 best and worst things about hostel life
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Hostel life is cool time of your life when you get to learn a lot of things and at the same time get life’s tough lessons. Here are some best and worst things about hostel life:
•    Best Thing- Once you are in college you get to learn a lot of things and you get a sense of being independent.

Worst Thing- In college hostel you miss you home, your siblings, parents and all that fun you used to have at home.OMGKAV0502-1•    Best Thing- You meet a lot of new people, make new friends and do a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Worst Thing- If you ask hostellers about their mess food, most of them will say that their hostel mess food sucks. Of course you can’t get the taste of your mother’s prepared home food in hostel.OMGKAV0502-2
•    Best Thing- You grow in hostel, learn new things from the people around. Get a lot of exposure and experiences.

Worst Thing- There is no privacy in hostel life. You have to live with your roommates and adjust with them.OMGKAV0502-3•    Best Thing- You can stay up till night, enjoy late night movies on your laptops, there is nobody to tell you to sleep on time.

Worst Thing- You often get into bad things due to peer pressure. In many cases, students face ragging bullying in hostels.????????????????????????????????????
•    Best Thing- You can go on parties with your buddies. If you at times, then you can at least have fun, dance party in your room.

Worst Thing-You face low times when you feel lonely and want to run away from hostel. After all not everyone you trust, love, care about deserves it. OMGKAV0502-5•    Best Thing- You learn to survive in your pocket money. You learn to manage expense and become responsible.

Worst Thing- Not everyone you meet in hostel is cleanliness lover. So, you might get a messy roommate who keeps the room in ugly condition. Bathrooms, kitchen etc are not clean.    OMGKAV0502-6

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