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A pen can also do these 6 things other than writing

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A pen can also do these 6 things other than writing
When anybody talks about a pen, the first thing that strikes your mind is writing, right? Well, there many other things that a pen can do, here are some of them:
1.    There are times when you are busy in your work and your hair flicks keep on coming on your face and you don’t have any band with you, at that time you can make a bun of your hair and put your pen into it to make it hold its position.OMGKAV0503-12.    When you get something ordered online or anything packed in the cardboard, you find it difficult to open it. Don’t worry you can open that cardboard box with a pen.OMGKAV0503-23.    If you are a music lover and love to create new types of music then you can use a pen very well. You can compose a musical tune by using your pen.OMGKAV0503-34.    If you are travelling alone, walking on the road etc. and find yourself in a situation where you need to self-defense then you can use you pen.OMGKAV0503-45.    There are times between the boring lectures when you feel like doing some fun. At that time you can play pen-fighting game with your buddies. It is so much fun.OMGKAV0503-56.    Putting a drawstring into your pyjama or salwar is one of the toughest things to do if you don’t know the technique. You can do this thing with your pen easily, try it.     OMGKAV0503-6

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