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5 Signs to identify a fake friendship

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True friendship is heavenly but if ever you get ditched by your friend, the pain is inexpressible. It is better to be to be alone than to be in wrong company. Fake friendship can break you into countless parts. Here are the signs to identify fake friendship:
1.    If your friend keeps on bothering you for his every other problem to get a solution, but avoids you when you need any help from him is no more than a fake friend.OMGKAV0604-12.    If somebody in your friend circle is always up for partying, clubbing with you but doesn’t accompany you when you have to go for some work then he is not a friend.OMGKAV0604-23.    If a friend of yours listens to your all the secrets and promises you that he won’t share them with others but then leaks out your secret to others then you must understand that he is just a fake friend.OMGKAV0604-34.    Friendship is not about money, it’s about love, care and affection. If somebody is rich and makes you feel poor then he is not your friend but just a proud rich lad.OMGKAV0604-45.    Dominance has no place in friendship if your friend keeps on dominating you and doesn’t give you a chance to speak out your mind or pour out your heart then it’s not real friendship.    OMGKAV0604-5

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