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6 Things you probably don’t know about Sachin Tendulkar’s bat

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Who doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar, the man who is also called as ‘God of Cricket’. Everybody does. But, there are many things about Sachin’s bat that you probably don’t know. Here are some of them:
1.    Sachin Tendulkar in his 24-year-long cricket career never used a light bad regardless of the number of injures he had while playing.OMGKAV0609-12.    In Lord’s, Sachin Tendulkar’s bat was once placed for auction and it gathered 3,400 pounds, which is around 3 lakhs and surprised all. This amount was later used in building a cricket stadium in Rwanda. This bat was donated by British Prime Minister David Cameron.OMGKAV0609-23.    Did you know that in Australia there are some bats known as Sachin Tendulkar Master Blaster Elite that are retailing for about $650? Isn’t that great? It is now believed that India’s SG factory makes Sachin’s bats.  OMGKAV0609-34.    With Sachin’s bat, Pakistani player Shahid Afridi scored the then fastest ever ODI century against Sri Lanka, wherein he hit 11 sixes and 6 boundaries in 37 balls.OMGKAV0609-45.    Sachin’s bat was even bought for Rs42 lakh in October 2010, at a sport auction wherein the world’s top 25 sportsmen donated their personal items.OMGKAV0609-56.    Did you know that until 1996 World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar was without a bat contract and only after the tournament MRF sponsored his willow.      OMGKAV0609-6

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