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7 Cool things you can do on Internet for free

7 Cool things you can do on Internet for free
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Internet has become something without which people of today’s era can’t survive. Everything is just a click away, all thanks to Google. Here are some of the coolest things you can do on internet that too for free:
1.    You can easily experiment your photo-editing skills using pixlr for free. You don’t need to sign up for it. You can give a simple photograph amazing effect and make it look fabulous.OMGKAV0603-12.    If learning languages and exploring them is your thing then you must visit Duolingo. You can learn world’s any language there, all you need is dedication, will and patience.  OMGKAV0603-23.    With an limitless internet pack you can play your all time favorite, good quality games at BigPoint.OMGKAV0603-34.    If you love reading books then you can visit sites like Open Library and find a number of great, classic e-books.OMGKAV0603-45.    If you are curious to learn more and more, you must go for online courses on sites like MIT, Khan Academy etc. They provide free online courses covering almost all topics.OMGKAV0603-56.    If you have lost your laptop then you can use internet to find it. You can visit Prey Anti-Theft, it helps you in protecting your devices by tracking their location.   OMGKAV0603-67.    If you have any issues with you computer then you can visit Techguy for free tech support.      OMGKAV0603-7

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