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7 funny things which only Indians can relate to

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Different countries have different cultures, customs and living styles. Here are some funny things which only Indians can relate to:
1.    In India solution to any issue with the traffic police officer is Rs. 200. If you are an Indian, I am sure you can relate to it very well.OMGKAV0601-12.    If you are travelling in public transportation then you must be ready to hear ‘Beta adjust kar lo thora’. Even if your seat is fully occupied still people standing in the bus will try to adjust on your seat saying ‘Beta adjust kar lo thora’.OMGKAV0601-23.    In India, if there is any kind of sale anywhere, in any shop, people will definitely find that place and do shopping. After all what is free is free, no matter what.OMGKAV0601-34.    In India, it takes no time in banning something. If some powerful person doesn’t like something, that soon gets banned. That’s how Indians are.OMGKAV0601-45.    Indians get a kind of satisfaction in expressing their love for somebody on the Indian heritage structure, monuments. They don’t even spare the benches and trees.OMGKAV0601-56.    In India most of the people have ruined their lives worrying about ‘log kya kahenge’.OMGKAV0601-67.    You can see Indians staring at others like anything. Even if they know that the other person has seen him staring, still he will continue doing so. They do all such stuff just ‘Avviii’.      OMGKAV0601-7

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