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7 things a talkative person can relate to

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There are a lot of people out there who love to speak. You can never find them sitting quiet or alone. Here are the things they can relate to very well:
1.    Social Bee: You have the talent of starting a conversation with almost everybody. No matter the other person is your family member, friend or a stranger, you exactly know how to indulge someone into conversation. OMGKAV0607-12.    Secret Keeper? No: You have a lot of friends but then you are the only one who talks the most among them. You don’t always realize what you speak out, due to which people are afraid of sharing their secrets with you.OMGKAV0607-23.    No Libraries: You just can’t tolerate the libraries. The mark of silence scares you and even the thought of sitting quiet for sometime gives you goose bumps. OMGKAV0607-34.    Interruption Issues: You have a very bad habit of interrupting the other person when he is speaking. You don’t do this intentionally, it just happens.OMGKAV0607-45.    Perfect Icebreaker: You are the perfect icebreaker. You can’t let any situation remain silent, and always the one to start talking. OMGKAV0607-56.    Pet Names: People around you call you by a many names. Some call you gossiper, while other calls you a chatter box. But, it hardly matters to you because you have a, “Main apni favorite hu” attitude in life.  OMGKAV0607-67.    Confident: You are confident and bold enough to talk at any level. No matter you are talking to a person or the whole room packed with audience, you do it confidently. OMGKAV0607-7

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