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7 types of friends we all have

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All of us have friends in life and all of them are not the same. You can find variety in friends also. Here are some types of friends we all have:
1.    Honest friend: In every friend circle, there is somebody you can trust easily. He knows how to keep secrets and doesn’t think twice before telling you that you are looking ugly in a particular outfit.OMGKAV0606-12.    Helpful friend: We all have a friend on whom we can easily depend. He is the helpful friend and is always ready to offer a hand to hold. Even if you would call him up at 3am he would be ready to help you out.OMGKAV0606-23.    Dramatic friend: Dramatic friends are very common these days. A drama friend is the one who can convert a petty small thing into a huge matter. Dramatic friends give a loud response to everything.  OMGKAV0606-34.    Gossip Monger: Every group has a buddy who is more interested in knowing the spicy stuff and things going on in the life of people. He is the gossip monger. OMGKAV0606-45.    Social butterfly: A cool dude or a gorgeous girl is present in every friend circle. They are well known and have a huge fan following. You can find them in any party. OMGKAV0606-56.    Flirty friend: Every friend circle has a friend who is always interested in catching up with girls or guys around, just in case somebody shows some interest in them. Flirty friend knows exactly how to melt somebody’s heart.OMGKAV0606-67.    Grammar Friend: Such a friend is more like a roaming proof-reader. He leaves no chance of pointing out a mistake in somebody’s pronunciation, speaking skills and corrects them instantly.       OMGKAV0606-7

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