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7 Types of Struggles A Teenager in India Faces

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A life of a teenage is never easy. Like adults, they also have to go through a lot of troubles. If you are a teenager in India, you have to deal with some extra problems. Here are some of those problems:

1. When you are an Indian teen, you can’t decide what you should eat what you shouldn’t. You are always too young to drink a beer and too aged to buy a cotton candy.OMGVIS0208-1
2. Every day, you have to impress your parents in order to get extra pocket money.OMGVIS0208-2
3. You cannot decide you career choice. You have to study what your parents think is good for you.OMGVIS0208-3
4. Your parents want you to study all the time, but your friends want you to party with them. Both are important for you, so you can’t decide what to do.OMGVIS0208-4
5. People around you keep on judging your activities. You think a thousand times before attempting a new thing.OMGVIS0208-5
6. You must have more than hundred points to prove that your friends are not spoiling you. For a night out, you have to prove that you are not going to do something illegal.OMGVIS0208-6
7. Nobody understands you. You are considered too young to take decisions for yourself.      OMGVIS0208-7

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