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8 things you can relate to if you grew up in Punjab

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Punjab is a unique place and all Punjabi’s have own style of living, dealing with people and everything. Here are the things you can relate to if you grew up in Punjab:
1.    In Punjab you can hear the words like BC and MC from even a 3-year-old child. They might know about ABC, 123, or not but they exactly know how to say such words.OMGKAV0602-12.    If you have grown up in Punjab, you can very well relate to the satisfaction that one gets on eating ‘maki di roti te sarso da saag’. OMGKAV0602-2 3.    You are always up for lassi and daaru. You look for reasons to celebrate and drink. You boast about the fact that you belong to a ‘Khaati peeti family’.OMGKAV0602-34.     Drama is something that runs in your veins just like blood. You have a habit of being over-expressive on every other issue.OMGKAV0602-4 5.    The youngsters in Punjab have a culture called geri. Whenever they get free time they hang out on roads with their buddies.OMGKAV0602-56.    Punjabis are always ready to help others, whether they know them or are strangers. They believe in making everybody ‘paaji’ and ‘yaar’.OMGKAV0602-6 7.     You can talk continuously for hours with people around you. You just can’t keep calm as you say ‘Punjabiyaan da ghar ne, shoor kive na hou’.OMGKAV0602-78.    No matter whether you know dance or not, you are always ready to dance out loud. It hardly matters to you whether somebody is watching you or not, you dance as if you are the real hero. ‘Bhangra’ is your favorite dance style.OMGKAV0602-8

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