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Things girls do when they are upset

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Girls have a lot of mood swings and they get upset very easily. You can’t always get it when your girl or any other girl is sad, upset. Here are the things girls do when they are upset:
1.    Eat chocolates and ice-creams: Some girls when feel low, sad and depressed they start eating chocolate and ice-creams to make them feel better. OMGKAV0605-12.    Throw stuff here and there: Some girls when angry, sad or upset, their mind gets destructive. They start throwing stuff here and there and at times even hurt themselves.OMGKAV0605-23.    Go in mute zone: Some girls when feel sad like to spend alone time. They ponder for some time and stay silent. It is their way to cool down and feel better.OMGKAV0605-34.    Listen to music and sob: When feeling low, some girls put there earphones in and start listening to loud music. They cry and feel the music at the same time.OMGKAV0605-45.    Watch light funny movies: Some girls try to lift themselves by watching light funny movies. They get so indulged in a cartoon flick that they hardly remember about their low feelings anymore.OMGKAV0605-56.    Sleep: There are a number of girls who prefer to sleep when they get angry, sad or upset. They just cuddle up with their teddy and sleep.OMGKAV0605-67.    Call up family or friends: Many girls call up their loved one during the low phases of their life. When they are upset they share their matter with family and friends and try to feel loved and light.


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