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Types of anger you might have

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Anger is a very common emotion and often ruins everything. When in anger you have no control on yourself and at times the consequences are dreadful. Here are different types of anger you might have:
1.    Habitual Anger: This is the type of anger which is expressed regularly. You must have seen people who get angry on every other issue and getting angry has become a part of their life.
2.    Passive anger: This is a kind of anger, wherein a person is hurt and expresses his emotions indirectly. He doesn’t directly say that he is feeling bad, rather his actions express it.
3.    Positive Anger: This is the kind of anger that comes when a person takes stand against something wrong happening in the society. For example, the anger we feel when we get to know that the rapists are getting no punishment in India.
4.    Violent anger: This is the anger that is expressed directly and instantly. Under the influence of this anger, the person loses self-control and talks negatively.
5.    Self-inflicted anger: This is the anger under the influence of which a person is upset with the self. He punishes himself and express anger by hurting or paining self.
6.    Assertive anger: This anger is not destructive and hardly has any effect on the relation with the recipient.  This is just a way to tell that something wrong or unacceptable has happened. It is not at all rude.

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