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10 things you can enjoy if you are not a phone addict

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These days most of the people are phone addicts, they can’t think of a life without their phones. They spend most of the time on their mobiles. But while doing this they miss a lot of things. Here are the things that a person can enjoy if he is not a phone addict:
1.    Silence and peace doesn’t exist in your life. You don’t know what silence sounds like. Your life is full of message pops and phone rings. The ones who are not phone addicts can enjoy solitude and peace.OMGKAV0702-12.    You don’t know the taste of the morning tea and the food you have in meals if you are a phone addict. So, ditch your phone and enjoy your meals that keep you going in life.OMGKAV0702-23.    You can spend quality time with your loved ones. You can plan a family outing and share the moments together, instead of just sticking to your cell phone.OMGKAV0702-34.    You can live your hobbies. You can paint, sing, write, compose, dance and do what you are passionate for. OMGKAV0702-45.    You can visit an amusement water park and enjoy the rides with your pals. OMGKAV0702-5
6.    You can create priceless memories, which you can cherish lifelong.OMGKAV0702-6
7.    You can take a nap to relax your body and mind instead of just keeping yourself busy with your cell phone.OMGKAV0702-78.    You can play with your pet dog. Make it bath and go for a long walk with him.OMGKAV0702-89.    You can pamper yourself, love yourself and plan a date with self.OMGKAV0702-910.    Plant a sapling and make your soul happy. Such a deed gives a lot of peace to the inner self. After all, a sapling is like a little baby and you can take care of it and make it grow.

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