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5 Weird Websites That Will Surprise you

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There is no doubt that the Internet is a very weird place which has both treasure and garbage. There are many websites that force you to immediately bookmark them, while there are some websites too that are on the Internet without any reason. Here are some of the websites that will surely surprise you.

1. ilooklikebarackobama. com: Have you ever met a person who says he looks like President of the United States Barack Obama? There is a man who thinks he is a look alike of Obama. However, there is no similarity between the man and the US President.OMGVIS0184-1
2. computerpowertest. com: It is a website which tells you that your computer is on. You can share the great thing with your friends on social networking websites too.OMGVIS0184-2
3. flightradar24. com: Well, this website is something amazing. It shows you every single plane which is flying right now on any location of the globe.OMGVIS0184-3
4. zombiepassions. com: The website is a perfect place for those who love or hate zombies. The amazing thing is that the website is actually a free dating-site for zombies. Wow! Isn’t it an amazing offer!OMGVIS0184-4
5. alienabductions. com: Aliens kidnap a number of people every year, according to the website. It tells you why aliens kidnap people and why they have not chosen you yet.     OMGVIS0184-5

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