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6 Health risks of loneliness

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Loneliness is not good both for the body and the mind. In extreme cases of loneliness, one might suffer from depression. Here are some of the health risks of loneliness:
1.    When a person feels lonely, he thinks as if he is alone and nobody loves him. Such a mindset makes him stressed out and stress is very injurious to health. High cortisol level in the body is not at all good news. It hits your immune system where it gets hurt the most.
2.    Brain plays a very important part in a body and loneliness can have bad impact on your brain. Loneliness makes your brain nerves pained.
3.    When you are low or sad, your heart is the first one to get affected. Loneliness is linked with depression and increases the risk of heart disease.
4.    When a person feels lonely, his mind starts pondering continuously and he can’t get even a single moment of peace. Loneliness can also cause sleeping disorders. You can’t sleep while feeling lonely.
5.    Loneliness takes you in a negative zone and all you are surrounded with are negative toxic thoughts and feeling. Such a thing often makes a person feel unwanted and in extreme cases can also force a person to commit suicide.
6.    Loneliness makes you feel bad and low in life. You get fed up and start hating yourself. It leads to aging and reduces your physical strength.

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