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7 Most worshipped animals around the world

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There are lot of animals worshipped around the world. Here are some of the most worshipped animals:
1.    Cows: In India cow is the most respected animal and is worshipped by all. Even there are many laws prohibiting the slaughter of cows as the conservatives of Hinduism consider it to be a sin. She is known to be wish-fulfilling animal and is adorned with garlands.OMGKAV0701-12.    Dogs: Man’s best friend dog is worshiped in some parts of Nepal at the time of Kukur Tihar Festival. At this time, they are treated with delicacies and are also garlanded with marigold flowers. Tilaks are applied on them. OMGKAV0701-23.    Elephants:  In Thailand it is believed that a white elephant contains has the soul of a dead man. The highly adored Hindu Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a lot of ceremonies especially in Maharashtra, India. THAILAND/4.    Monkeys: As per the Chinese zodiac calendar, monkeys are the ninth in animals’ twelve-year cycle. Monkey is seen as Hanuman in Hinduism and is a prominent God figure. Besides, they are also worshipped in French West Africa and Togo. OMGKAV0701-45.    Snakes:  In India’s Karnataka, people worship Serpent deities being a part of many ancient cultures and traditions. In Hindu culture the highly adored Lord Shiva wears a Nag “India Cobra” around his neck as an ornament. Cobra is India’s most sacred snake. OMGKAV0701-56.    Horses: Horses and mules are holy to the Roman God. The worshipping of horse practice is mainly seen in Turkish and Indo-European people. They also believe that a water God, Poseidon, was formerly conceived in the appearance of a horse. OMGKAV0701-67.    Goats: These were highly worshipped in earlier times in Syria. They were left open with silver necklaces around their neck at the time of king’s wedding in the town. People in parts of Europe, Africa, Greece and Egypt also worshipped goat.    OMGKAV0701-7

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