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7 signs that prove you love yourself the most

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You must have met people in your life who love the way they are. They are their favorite and believe in pampering themselves. Such people are truly, madly and deeply in love with themselves. Here are the signs that prove you love yourself the most:
1.    There are times when you love to cuddle with yourself. You hug yourself, which makes you feel loved and relaxed.OMGKAV0701-12.    You don’t feel the need of being right always. You accept your flaws and try to improve them but never make yourself feel bad about it.Series with a pretty Caucasian woman in various Valentine holiday themed poses.3.    You don’t give a damn about ‘Log kya kahenge’. You do your own things and never feel like pleasing others.OMGKAV0701-34.    You treat you body with love and care. You never compromise with your health as you know it’s your body and soul that will be with you till the end.    You don’t depend on others for your happiness. You know it is your responsibly to make yourself happy and you can’t expect somebody else to come and pamper you.Enjoying the sun6.    You love your company and a fixed alone time is part of your life. You love to explore your inner self.OMGKAV0701-67.    Last but not the least you never give up on yourself. There are times you fail but you know that you can do it and never miss a chance to motivate yourself. OMGKAV0701-7

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