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7 signs you have emotional people around

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There are a lot of emotional people out there in this world. Here are the signs that you have such people around you:
1.    People around you can’t even take a single joke on you. They get sentimental and take those light things to their hearts. They are like, “It wasn’t that funny dude”.
2.    People around you are always occupied by their thoughts. They are always like “hmm, well, ya, you know…, nothing, leave it”.
3.    Whenever you guys go out to watch a movie, they start sobbing on watching the emotional scenes.
4.    They don’t open up soon and take time in making friends. They observe all the people around them.
5.    They express every single thing deeply and often shed tears. If somebody says something to them they get those tears in their eyes and feel very bad.
6.    If they are looking sad and you ask them what happened they are like, “We don’t know. Why life is full of complications”. Most of the times even they don’t know what has hurt them.
7.    They react immediately without thinking for even a single minute. They just bounce back in no time but never realize that.

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