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7 Things professors hate about students

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Professors have a sweet and sour relationship with their students. Here are some things that professions hate about students:
1.    Professors like the students who sit attentively in class but they can’t tolerate the ones who have a habit of asking way too many questions. OMGKAV0708-12.    They hate students who make audible noises once a professor look at the board with his back towards the class.OMGKAV0708-23.    Those students who have a habit of cribbing for exam marks and try to negotiate with professors.Speaker at seminar talking to businesswoman4.    Which professor doesn’t want his students to listen to him attentively? And when they see somebody yawning in the lecture they hate it.OMGKAV0708-45.    Professors hate it when on the last day of the assignments deadline, students say that they haven’t done it and want more time. OMGKAV0708-56.    Professors hate it when the students start munching something from their lunch boxes when the lecture is going on. And that audible sound of munching makes the professors go mad with anger.OMGKAV0708-67.    Professors hate the students who dress up in a messy way and smell so bad as if they haven’t taken bath from days.    OMGKAV0708-7

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