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7 things you stop bothering about in your 30s

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There are a lot of things one should not bother about as not everything deserves out time and thoughts. As you grow up you realize what matters and what doesn’t and in fact what never did. Here are things you should stop bothering about in your 30s:
1.    You are so messed up in your life that you stop bothering about what drama is going on in the lives of other people. All you long for is peace of mind.OMGKAV0706-12.    Birthdays no longer sound exciting. When they come you are like ‘ahh, I am growing older’. It is like any other day for you.784261713.    Watching first day movie shows in theatre becomes a thing of past. You are like, ‘will plan to watch that movie someday soon, if I get time’.OMGKAV0706-34.    You don’t bother about what brand you are wearing. All you look for is comfort in your clothes.OMGKAV0706-45.    You get fed up of the thing called “Log kya kahenge”. You don’t feel like impressing anybody in life anymore. OMGKAV0706-56.    Now you know how to say no. If you don’t want to go to some place or do something with your friends, you directly tell them. The thought of how they would feel no longer bothers you.OMGKAV0706-67.    Fear of failure no longer bothers you. You have understood that it is the part of life and no longer are afraid to face new situations.    OMGKAV0706-7

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