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7 Ways to Make A Woman Smile

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To have a happy relationship, it is important to make a woman smile every day. Most of the men would definitely agree that they could do anything to make their love of life smile. But, making a girl smile isn’t that easy. Here are some easy ways to put a bright smile on a woman’s face:

1. Tell Her She is Beautiful: You don’t need a special occasion to tell your girl that she is looking beautiful. It not only makes her smile, but it will also make your day.OMGVIS0182-1
2. Remember Important Dates: Women always remember special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and some others milestones. If you tell her that you also remember those dates then you will definitely see a smile on her face.OMGVIS0182-2
3. Surprise Her: Almost every woman loves surprises. To put a smile on your girl’s face, surprise her by buying a beautiful gift for her.OMGVIS0182-3
4. Show Your Humor: Women always love men with humor. It is not any easy task to make other people laugh, but try to use your common sense. Try to get in touch with a humorous person inside you.OMGVIS0182-4
5. Appreciate Her: If your girl is trying something new, appreciate her. Notice how hard she is trying and then motivate her.OMGVIS0182-5
6. Introduce Her To Your Family and Friends: Introducing your love to people that matter to you means she is special for you. You will see your girl smiling when she finds how special she is for you.OMGVIS0182-6
7. Tell How Much You Love Her: Confessing how much you love her will definitely put a smile on your girl’s face.      OMGVIS0182-7

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