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8 Signs You Need To Drink More Water

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Nothing is more refreshing than a glass of water. To maintain the functioning of body, it is essential to drink right amount of water. Are you drinking enough water? Here are some of signs which may signal that you need to drink more water.

1. If you think your mouth is dry then you definitely need a glass of water.OMGVIS0183-1
2. If you are not drinking proper amount of water, it starts showing on your body. You skin becomes dry.OMGVIS0183-2
3. When your body doesn’t get enough water, you start feeling headache as brain reacts when body does not get enough water.OMGVIS0183-3
4. When you are drinking enough water, your urine’s color will be clear. When the color of urine is dark yellow, it’s time to drink more and more water.OMGVIS0183-4
5. ‘Dry eyes’ is another sign that you have to drink more water.OMGVIS0183-5
6. Without proper amount of water, blood pressure of the body drops, which make one dizzy.OMGVIS0183-6
7. You feel sleepy every time even when you are sleeping more than eight hours.OMGVIS0183-7
8. You start feeling hungry even when you are eating too much.        OMGVIS0183-8

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