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8 things you must start doing in every relationship that you have

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Relationships are delicate and need to be handled with love and care. Here are the things you must start doing in every relationship that you have:
1.    You must always give exact treatment to others the exact you want to receive from them. This is thumb rule of any relationship you have in life.OMGKAV0704-12.     Love them the way they are. Never try to change them and accept their flaws.OMGKAV0704-23.    There are times when we feel lonely in life. Everybody does so always look for chances to disturb them and make them realize that you are there to disturb them always.OMGKAV0704-34.    Everybody have problems, struggles in life, never forget this thing. Treat them with love and before judging them, try to know the reason behind why they did something.OMGKAV0704-45.    If you want peace in life, forgiveness is must. If somebody does a mistake, tell them how to improve and forgive them. Grudges can only hurt the holder and the receiver.OMGKAV0704-56.    Treat everybody equally no matter how more or less important they are in your life. Never neglect them or make them feel avoided. Stay honest.Adult couple sitting on sofa at home drinking coffe, talking, smiling.7.    Everybody out there needs an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry, so be one. These things make bonds stronger.OMGKAV0704-78.    Do celebrate others happy moments and achievements. Always encourage them. You must learn to accept their happiness after all they are yours.

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