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6 best excuses for coming late in class

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School and college are the best parts of anyone’s life. There must be many times when you had reached late in class, missed the class and done all that notorious stuff with your batch mates. Different students had different excuses for coming late in class. Here are some of them:
1.    On coming late to class, some students say that they were helping a needy person on the road. Helping out somebody is a very common excuse, it can vary from helping an old man to a pity dog.
2.    Some are so dramatic that they start acting that they fallen on the way to college and got their leg twisted so they got late.
3.    Traffic is generally the main excuse given by all when it comes to reaching late somewhere. They say that they left the home on time but then were stuck in the traffic from past an hour.
4.    Police checkpoint is an excuse that some students give and it does work. They say that police stopped them for checking vehicle papers and thus they got late to college.
5.     Some play cleverly as they say that they were not feeling well but then they didn’t want to miss his favorite teacher’s class so came to class. They do buttering by saying that they just can’t afford to miss her lecture.
6.     Some students say that their vehicle got some issues on the way and they had to go to the mechanic first.

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