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6 Myths about Fashionable people busted

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There are many myths people have about those who love to look fashionable. Here are some of the myths about fashionable people busted:
1.    If somebody wears makeup and stylish clothes it doesn’t mean they are artificial and fake.OMGKAV0704-12.    Generally people start judging those who stay stylish and look hot. They think that such people are not virgins and are in a company of bad people.OMGKAV0704-23.    When many people see a highly fashionable dude or a chic, they take it for granted that they must be rich class people speaking awesome accent, which is not always the case. OMGKAV0704-34.    When parents see a guy with long hair, tattered jeans and stud in an ear they are like he must be a spoiled kid with bad scores in academics. But this is not true. OMGKAV0704-45.    Elder people need to understand that if a girl is wearing a short skirt it doesn’t mean she knows no family values or is not spiritual. Spirituality lies in the heart, within and doesn’t show off in the outlook.OMGKAV0704-56.    People think that fashionable people have attitude problem and don’t know how to respect others. But this is not true. It is just that they love to look gorgeous.      OMGKAV0704-6

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