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6 Simple remedies to reduce hair fall

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Hair fall is a very major issue. Have doubts? Ask any girl sitting around. Especially in the monsoon, hair fall is so extreme that girls often start getting nightmares about it.  Here are some simple remedies to reduce hair fall:

1.    You must have seen girls combing hair fast as if they are in a hurry, which is not good. You should comb your hair slowly and calmly.OMGKAV0703-12.    A lot of people use hair dryer to dry the hair fast but they don’t realize the effect it can have on their hair. Heating leads to a thinning effect on the hair, leading to easy breakage.OMGKAV0703-23.    You see most of the hair fall happens after you have taken bath. This is because you rub you wet hair in a rush with your towel. Such a thing leads to hair fall, you should towel-dry your hair softly.OMGKAV0703-34.    You should massage you head on regular basis as your hair roots get dry and they also need to get the nourishment, which they get from oils. Massaging your scalp is very important, it stimulates blood circulation.OMGKAV0703-45.    You should use wide-toothed combs and soft bristle brushes to prevent hair loss. When you use narrow combs you hair get stuck into it and lead to hair break.Woman combing hair6.    Yoga and meditation are not only good for our body but also for our hair. These things promote your hair health.   OMGKAV0703-6

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