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6 uses of rubber bands you never thought off

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Rubber bands are not only used to do a pony tail or close a pack. They have a lot more benefits. Here are some of the uses of rubber bands you probably never though off:
1.    If you want to shoot a video but you don’t have a tripod don’t worry you can make it with the help of rubber bands, All you need to do is position your phone around something still and wrap it with the help of rubber bands and your instant tripod is ready.OMGKAV0706-12.    This one is funny. You can collect some rubber bands and make a ball out of them and can use them as a regular erase that you use to rub pencil.OMGKAV0706-23.    While turning pages or counting notes some people use their saliva to turn or count them fast. They can easily do this by wrapping a rubber band around their finger.OMGKAV0706-34.    Remotes are one of the main things that often fall and break down. You can save them from opening by wrapping rubber bands around them on the top and bottom.OMGKAV0706-45.    You can keep a door or a window closed by using a rubber band. You can wrap rubber bands tightly between the handles and can prevent them from opening. OMGKAV0706-56.    Did you know that you can use a rubber band as a bookmark? Next time while reading, don’t look for stuff to keep between the pages as a bookmark, instead just wrap a rubber band around the read pages.     OMGKAV0706-6

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