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Amazing things Twins can relate to

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Twins are different from others in a lot many ways. Nobody can understand the bond twins share. Here are some amazing things that twins can relate to:
1.    There have been times when you have told a lie to your parents or teachers by telling that it was not you but your twin behind some notorious act.
2.    Nobody can relate to how it feels to grow up with somebody of exactly your age. Only twins can relate to the feeling one gets in being with somebody so like you. You have a best friend since your birth.
3.    You don’t want anybody else in this world to love you, play with you, fight, and argue or to mess up your life, as you have a twin.
4.    The moment when others give you a shocking expression on knowing you don’t know about the whereabouts of your twin. You are like, “Come on, she is not always living in my pocket”.
5.    That amazing moment when your twin does something great and you are like thank you all, and feel proud saying that after all he/she is your copy.
6.    That amazing moment when you realize that no matter how much you fight with your twin you are sure of one thing that your twin bond can’t be broken.

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