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Awkward situations we all had to deal with

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Life is full of awkward situations. Here are some of them all have to deal with:
1.    The moment when somebody you don’t know but you parents know hugs you, kisses you and calls you like, “Haye mera bacha, kina vda ho gya hain”. You are like do I know?OMGKAV0707-12.    The moment you are eating something and somebody starts a conversation with you and you can’t reply. They think you have attitude problem, but in reality your mouth is stuffed with food.OMGKAV0707-23.    There comes a time when having ‘Happy Birthday sung to you feels so embarrassing. This is the moment when deep within you are like, “Come on can’t you all shut up, I know it’s my birthday. Don’t make me feel nervous”.OMGKAV0707-34.    That awkward situation when men had to wait sitting outside the trial room of the women. Their woman keep on trying, asking for approval and the man is like ‘ghhhh..’ It feels so embarrassing to sit next to the undergarments section of women.OMGKAV0707-45.    That awkward moment when somebody waves a hand at you and you wave back but then realize that they weren’t waving at you. You keep on thinking that “yaar aaj toh lassi ho gyi”.OMGKAV0707-56.    When you mistakenly send a non-vegetarian joke to the wrong person and you are like, “stop, stop, stop…please, but it’s already sent”. This is the moment you feel like killing yourself.      OMGKAV0707-6

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