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How 5 famous superstitious came to be

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Superstitions exist even today and a lot of people believe in them. There are a number of superstitions prevailing in the society and here are some of them and how they came to be:

1.    A lot of people still believe that black cats are evil and bring bad luck. This superstition has come from the earlier controversies between the Christians and Pagans. Pagans used to consider black cats lucky but when their dispute with Christians grew, Christians began to consider them to be cursed.4658324772.    Many people consider the number 13 scary and it is also called triskaidekaphobia. This strong superstation originated in the past when 12 Gods were said to be having dinner and the God of evil came uninvited, ruined the party and at last caused the death of one of the Gods.OMGKAV0705-23.    Even today many people have a habit of knocking the wood after they say something that they hope will not happen. They do this in order to avoid bad luck. This superstition had originated from a pagan practice.OMGKAV0705-34.    The ancient Romans who did the invention of mirrors were behind the prevailing superstition that breaking a mirror is linked with bad luck for 7 years. Studio portrait of mid adult woman looking into broken mirror --- Image by © Harry Vorsteher/Corbis5.    You must have seen people saying “God bless you” when they see somebody sneezing. This superstition was spread by Pope Gregory the Great at the time of Bubonic plague. Sneezing was one of the first signs and thus he told people to pray for the ones who sneeze.


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