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5 Qualities A Man Wants His Girlfriend Should Have

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Most women have misconception that men only want gorgeous girlfriends, which is not right. It is true that when a man first meets a girl, he gets attracted by her looks; but when he talks to her, he starts trying to find out other qualities. Here are five qualities a man wants in his girlfriend:
1.    Confidence: Who doesn’t want his partner to be confident? For guys, a girl is the sexiest when she is comfortable in her skin. Guys love the girl who doesn’t ask questions like ‘Am I looking beautiful?’OMGVIS0602-12.    Honesty: If a guy can’t trust his girlfriend how he can think to spend his life with her. A guy always wants his girlfriend to be honest in a relationship. OMGVIS0602-23.    Smart: Men always appreciate those girls who have their own original thoughts. They love the girls who like to share their thoughts with their men. Such girls attract men without any special effort. Beautiful Couple Man and Woman Having Drink At Cafe4.    Understanding: Men have their own life and their own priorities. They don’t want to follow others. When a girl understands this thing, guys fall for her. They want their girlfriends to understand and support them.OMGVIS0602-45.    Independence: Dating a passionate woman is always a real man’s dream. Guys don’t love to babysit their girlfriends. They want them to be independent so that they can live their life without worrying all the time about their girlfriends.     OMGVIS0602-5

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