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6 Best Zoos In World

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Zoos show us why the planet is a wonderful place to live. There are many creatures on earth that we see just because of zoos. Today, almost every tourist place in the world has at least one zoo. Here are some of the best zoos in the world:
6. Basel Zoo in Switzerland: It is a nonprofit zoo located in Basel, third most populous city in Switzerland. More than 1.5 million individuals visit the zoo every year. The zoo is famous for housing endangered animals like okapi, cheetahs and Indian Rhinos. OMGVIS0604-65. Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland: It is an 82-acre non-profit zoological park located in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh. The main attractions of the zoo are penguins of various species. The zoo is home to more than hundred penguins. OMGVIS0604-54. National Zoological Gardens of South Africa in South Africa: The national zoo of South Africa is situated in Pretoria city. The zoo has housed more than 200 species of mammals and about 202 species of birds.OMGVIS0604-43. Bronx Zoo In the US: The zoo is located in a borough of New York City, Bronx. It is also the largest metropolitan zoo on the globe. The zoo is famous for its program to breed many endangered animals.OMGVIS0604-32. Whipsnade Zoo in England: The zoo, also known as the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, is located in Whipsnade. Lemurs, cheetahs, lions, sloth bears and rhinos are some of the popular animals of the zoo.OMGVIS0604-21. Singapore Zoo in Singapore: The zoo is also called the Mandai Zoo and has occupied about 28 hectares of land. The zoo offers its visitors food with some free-ranging orangutans.OMGVIS0604-1

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