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6 Promises Every Couple Should Make To Each Other

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A moment comes in your life where you find a person with whom you want to spend of your life. To make a relationship for a long time, you have to make some promises. Here are some of the promises one should make to each other:
1.    I will Stick By Through The Good and Bad: In the journey of life, you will have to face good and bad situations. Promise your partner that you are going to stick by through the good and bad.
2.    I will Listen To You: Communication is an important part of a relationship. It is a two-way process. If you want your partner should listen to you, you must listen to your spouse.
3.    Our Relationship Will Be My Priority: You have a personal and professional life. You want your business to be successful. You will have lots of things to do, but your relationship should be your priority.
4.    I will Live For Us: After marriage, you have to live for your family. Your decision will affect your beloved ones. To make your relationship stronger, you will have to live for your family.
5.    I will Find Time For My Family: It doesn’t matter how hectic your life gets, you have to find time for the one you love the most. Promise your partner that at least once in a day, you will spend some time with family.
6.    We Will Work As A Team: When you get married, you and your partner becomes a team. Before taking a decision, you have to take your partner’s opinion.

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