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7 Most Visited Cities In the World

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Earth is a very beautiful and amazing place. It has numerous places worth visiting. Here is a list of seven of the most visited cities in the world.

1. London: It is England’s capital. The city set on the River Thames has top restaurants, top museums and fascinating history. It is the reason why London is the most visited city in the world.OMGVIS0105-1
2. Bangkok: Capital of Thailand has a number of amazing things to explore during your visit to the city. Khao San Road, the Bangkok National Museum and Wat Arun temple are some the favorite places of tourists.OMGVIS0105-2
3. Paris: Nobody needs a reason to visit Paris. It is hard to tell what to do in Paris as there are countless things to do. Don’t forget to click a picture near Eiffel Tower.OMGVIS0105-3
4. Dubai: In last few years, Dubai has become an ultimate tourist spot. A number of tourists from all across the globe visit the city to see its beauty. Burj Khalifa is must see place when you are in Dubai.OMGVIS0105-4
5. Istanbul: You may have seen the beauty of Istanbul on television. The city in Turkey has a number of historical places to visit.OMGVIS0105-5
6. Singapore: When it comes about best places in the world, you cannot skip adding Singapore in the list. Several zoos and parks of Singapore are famous around the globe.OMGVIS0105-6
7. Hong Kong: It has everything that a tourist wants during the trip. Victoria Peak is a must visiting place in Hong Kong.       OMGVIS0105-7

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