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7 Signs You Are Dating A Gentleman

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Growing mustache doesn’t make a man gentleman. Some guys try to fool girls by pretending that they are real men, but they don’t know that a gentleman has some traits that can never be copied. If you think you are dating a gentleman, here are some signs you can relate to:
1.    A true gentleman doesn’t just value your looks, but also considers your intelligence, honesty, smartness and kindness.
2.    A man can force you to have a physical relationship with him, but a gentleman never does that. He believes in keeping patience and figures out whether you want to move forward or not.
3.    Men believe in showing their bravado in public, but a gentleman doesn’t start a fight. He knows he doesn’t need his muscle power to prove himself.
4.    He makes you feel secure through his activity. He gives you the much needed respect and calls you ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘hot’.
5.    You proudly introduce him to your friends and parents because you know he is not going to embarrass you.
6.    He keeps his promises and never lets you down. If he says he will call you, he calls you.
7.    When you confess in front of him that you want to take your relationship to the next level, he doesn’t look at you in horror and gives a smile.

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