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7 Things We All Do When No One Is Watching

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Sometimes, we don’t do things just because people are watching us. But when there is no one around us, we feel free and do whatever we want to. Here are some of the silly things we all do when on one is keeping an eye on us.

1. We all have a habit of picking our nose when no one watching. That’s not all! After that, we analyze the content we have picked.OMGVIS0106-1
2. Why to shut the door of toilet when there is no one around? OMGVIS0106-2
3. We keep on surfing on the Internet without any reason. You type ‘Google’ at least ten times, but don’t know what you really want to search.OMGVIS0106-3
4. We are always curious to drink water directly from the bottle, but every time you try to do so, your mom comes and scolds you. When there is no one around us, we drink water directly from the bottle.OMGVIS0106-4
5. If you have a pet, you talk to it like you are talking to a human.123553318
6. Instead of using dining table, you eat your food in your bed.OMGVIS0106-6
7. Some people dance like they are professional dancers.OMGVIS0106-7

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