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8 Awkward Struggles You Face When You Are A Technologically Challenged Person

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Technology has become an essential part of our life. We try to know each and everything about the changed technology, but still we miss some major points. There are some people who don’t have a good relationship with technology. They try their best to learn it, but end up feeling irritated. Here are some struggles that you can relate to if you are a technology challenged individual:
1.    You get scared when people around you use words like RAM, IOS, Backup, cookies and password. OMGVIS0607-12.    People laugh at you when you say, ‘Sorry but my phone’s Internet is not working and I won’t be able to send you pictures via Bluetooth.OMGVIS0607-23.    When your personal computer doesn’t work, you call a tech support worker; they ask you about the problem and you just say, ‘It’s not working and I don’t know why’.OMGVIS0607-34.    You don’t know the difference between an iPhone and android phone. OMGVIS0607-45.    You don’t have any idea what Xbox, Xbox One or play station is.OMGVIS0607-56.    Whenever you decide to download something, you end up clinking wrong links. OMGVIS0607-67.    It is nearly impossible for you to get a Gmail id. You keep on asking your friends to help you in the process. OMGVIS0607-78.    When someone asks you why you bought a new phone, you reply, ‘because I love its color’.       OMGVIS0607-8

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