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8 Things You Can Relate To If You Don’t Know How To Dance

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Some people get scared when they hear, ‘hey, let’s dance’ just because they don’t know how to dance. Are you among those people? Here are some things you can relate to if you don’t know how to dance:
1.    You search for excuses when your friends ask you to go to a disco. If somehow, you go to a club, you just sit in a corner and get a drink.OMGVIS0603-12.    You are not a party animal. You don’t know how to manage the situation when your crush comes to you and ask you for a dance. OMGVIS0603-23.    You hate weddings because your relatives always force you to tap your feet on the dance floor. OMGVIS0603-34.    You don’t have any idea what to do when DJ plays a dance number and everyone runs towards the dance floor. OMGVIS0603-45.    You wonder how people remember a number of dance steps. OMGVIS0603-56.    You know aerobic classes are not for you. OMGVIS0603-67.    When you decide to dance, you forget how to match the rhythm of a song. OMGVIS0603-78.    People give you advice but you don’t understand how to respond to them.           OMGVIS0603-8

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