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Effective Ways To Demonstrate Confidence With Body Language

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People believe those individuals who succeed in demonstrating anything through their body language are confident. How to demonstrate confidence through body language? Here are some ways:
1.    Comfortable Standing: Your standing position shows whether you are confident or not. A worried individual continues tapping his feet when he is standing, while confident person stands comfortable without tapping feet. Businessman making thumbs-up gesture2.    Position of Your Hands: The way you use your hands while speaking to a person shows your confidence level. Some people have habit of pointing finger at someone while talking. It shows your aggressive behavior. Use your hands only when you want to show something. OMGVIS0601-23.    Make Eye Contact: When you do not make eye contact while speaking to a person, it shows you are nervous. Remember, eye contact is very important as they can communicate your emotions. Business people discussing with each other4.    Stand Up Straight: It is the most important way to demonstrate that you are confident. Push your shoulder little back when you are standing in front of other people. OMGVIS0601-45.    Don’t Cross Your Legs: It can distract other people. Adding to that, it is also bad for your health as it can increase the pressure on veins. OMGVIS0601-56.    Smile: A smile of your face shows that you are friendly, likeable and confident. It also brings positive feelings in you.  OMGVIS0601-6

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