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Habits you need to leave as you start college

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When you enter college life, a lot of things change in your life. You need to adapt to new surroundings, lifestyles, food habits etc. Here are some of the habits that you need to leave as you start college:
1.    Once in college you need to learn how to be independent. You can’t rely on your parents for everything anymore. You have to deal with a lot of situations alone and overcome them.
2.    You can’t act like a shy kid anymore. You need to open up once you get into college and interact with people around you. You will meet a lot of people every day and you must know how to communicate.
3.    You don’t need to ask and request your teacher for everything now. You can just tell her, get up and leave the class if you are not feeling well.
4.    You need to motivate yourself as teachers won’t do it for you once you are in college. For them you are a grown up know and should know what is wrong and right in life.
5.    Your authorities or family won’t be responsible for your actions anymore. Excuses won’t work now and you need to admit when you are wrong.
6.    In college, you can’t eat food while speaking loudly. You have to learn social etiquettes and practice them every day.
7.    You need to stop impressing everybody around because that’s not going to happen ever. This would just make you feel depressed and a blind follower of others. You should start doing what you want.

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