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5 Famous people who were adopted

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There are many famous people out there who were adopted and worked so hard to make their loved ones proud. Here are five famous people who were adopted:
1.    Marilyn Monroe- Did you know that Marilyn’s widowed mother abandoned her when she was very young.  She has spent most of her childhood times in foster homes.OMGKAV1010-12.    Nelson Mandela- Did you know that the father of this great man died when he was just nine-year old. At that time Chief Jongintaba, the acting regent of the Thembu people, took Mandela’s all responsibility and adopted him.OMGKAV1010-23.    Steve Jobs- Did you know that this man who is the brain behind iPod and eventual cofounder of Apple computers was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs in February 1955. His real parents put him for adoption as an infant.OMGKAV1010-34.    Edgar Allan Poe- This American author, poet, editor was adopted by a family in Virginia after his mother died one year following his birth. His father also abandoned the family at that time.  OMGKAV1010-45.    Rajesh Khanna- Did you know that Bollywood’s lovingly remembered actor Late Rajesh Khanna was born as Jatin Khanna and was also among the adopted. He was adopted and raised by foster parents, his uncle and aunt, Leela Wati and Chunnilal Khanna.    OMGKAV1010-5

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