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6 types of men you should never date

6 types of men you should never date
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Dating is not that easy as it seems to be. You often get into wrong relationships, get hurt and regret later on. We are here to tell you about the types of men you should never date:
1.    Flirty Men: If the men you are dating keeps on looking at other girls while he has come on a date with you then you must understand that if he can focus on other in your presence then what would he do when you are not around.OMGKAV1005-12.    Volatile Men: All have mood swings but mood swings and volatile personality are different things. If your partner is one moment so nice, respectful to your but the next moment acts as if you guys are strangers then you should break up.OMGKAV1005-23.    Self-Obsessed Men: If your partner is so much in love with himself that even in your presence he is busy in loving himself then you should think about your relation again. Such men only talk about themselves and are never bothered about what is going on in your life.OMGKAV1005-34.    Let’s Get Physical Men: Such kind of men more interested in a girl to satisfy their physical hunger and not for loving her and commitment. Once they are done with you they leave.OMGKAV1005-45.    Childish Men: Some men are still kids at the age of 27. They make their girl feel more as their mother than as a girlfriend. Come on girls you don’t want a kid to marry but a responsible man.OMGKAV1005-66.    Power Monger Men: Some men are of dominating nature and want to rule everything which is not at all healthy for a relationship. You should never date a man who tries to control your life.     OMGKAV1005-7

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