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7 Things men find unattractive

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Women love to make their men fall for them every time they see them. They love to look attractive in front of them. To help them out, here are the things that men find unattractive:
1.    Men don’t like women wearing too much make-up. A lot of foundation and glitter on your face seems unattractive to men. OMGKAV1001-12.    Men don’t like excessive body hair. Hairy legs and unshaven armpits are some of the major turn-off for men. They find simple, clean girls more attractive rather than the ones covering their body with excessive make-ups.OMGKAV1001-2
3.    Lipstick looks good on girls but then men find very dark lipsticks outlined with bold colored lip pencils so unattractive.OMGKAV1001-34.    Men don’t like when their women are over-drunk. They don’t like seeing them falling on from one person to another. OMGKAV1001-45.    Men find the women with yellowish teeth and bad breath quite unattractive. They don’t feel like interacting with them and rather avoid them.OMGKAV1001-56.    Men find the girls with too much fragrance unattractive and can’t bear them. They love the ones around whom they can feel a pleasant light aroma. OMGKAV1001-67.    For men, the women who love to get attention and keep on doing unusual things to get some are very unattractive. They can’t understand the need of doing creepy things to seek attention.      OMGKAV1001-7

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