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Signs you are in one-sided relationship

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There are a lot of people who face one-sided relationship and are left in the sad zone for life. At times one can’t make out timely whether the other person loves them or not. Here are the signs you are in a one-sided relationship:
1.    It is always you who makes plans and take an initiative to spend some time together. You partner is never the first one to tell you, “Let’s go for an outing”.
2.    Your partner is on the topmost number in your priority list and whenever he/she needs you no matter how busy you are, you take out some time to meet him/her. But, the case is not the same when you are in need.
3.    Your partner doesn’t respect you then you should understand that you are not in a right relationship. With love comes respect and if your partner doesn’t respect you it means he/she doesn’t love you.
4.    If your partner doesn’t allow you to open up about your relationship with other people then there must be something he is hiding. There are chances that only you love him/her and he/she is just passing time.
5.    If it is always you who start the communication first and your partner never initiates no matter for how long you haven’t talked to one another then you must think again about your relationship status.

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