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Things people who go to work on two-wheeler can relate to

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A lot of people go on two-wheelers for work. They have different experiences every other day. Especially in India, a two-wheeler journey sometimes turns scary. Here are some of the things only such people can relate to:
1.    No matter how well you have combed your hair, once you reach your office all you find is a hairdo, which looks as if you have got a shock.OMGKAV1002-12.    Driving without gloves on winter mornings makes you freeze. OMGKAV1002-23.    If you want to experience hell, try travelling on a two-wheeler on a rainy day. No matter how much your cover yourself, you will get wet. Especially the moment when a car goes by and throws all that muddy water on your face.OMGKAV1002-34.    The day you have a presentation and have to carry files and laptop the journey turns into an adventure trip.OMGKAV1002-45.    Tanning is the major issue one faces during summers. You have to apply extra layers of sunscreen to fight tan. JAMMU, MAY 8 (UNI):- Girls riding a scooter on a hot day in Jammu on Tuesday. UNI PHOTO-100U6.    There are traffic rules, lights but you can never drive confidently according to them, as there are a lot of people out there who break rules and often lead to accidents.OMGKAV1002-67.    You have a plus point at the time of traffic jams as you can make your way through narrow paths as compared to four wheelers.    OMGKAV1002-7

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