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Things that only your best friend should know

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Best friends play a very important role in the life of an individual. There are a lot of things that a person shares with his best buddy. Here are the things that only your best friend should know:
1.    Only your best friend should know about your weaknesses, as they are your well-wishers and can help you out in turning them into strengths. They would understand you and won’t make fun.
2.    Some people forget passwords, in that case they can share their passwords with their best friend. After all best buddies are the ones you can depend on in any situation.
3.    You should only tell him about the person with whom you have broken up but are still not over and miss him/her.
4.    Only your best friend should be known about the sneak outs your make to enjoy night life, so that they can keep it secret and can help you in dealing with crisis if you face any.
5.     You should only talk to your best friend about all those personal moments you have spent with your partner. Your best friend should be the one you can go to know about how everything happens.
6.    It is only your best friend who should know the most embarrassing moments of your life.

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