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5 Countries with highest rape crimes

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Rape is one of the biggest issues the world is facing. Every other day you get to hear about rape crimes in your country. These shameful acts are growing at a very fast pace. Here are the countries with the highest rape crimes:
1.    United States- When it comes to the highest number of rape crimes, United States tops the list. In this country, 99% of the rapists are males with just a single percent of girls indulging in this crime. Most of the rapes take place inside homes.OMGKAV1102-12.    India- Rape crimes and sexual assault are increasing at a very fast pace in this highly populated nation. As per some estimation by National Crime Records Bureau, in India a new rape case is reported in every 22 minutes. This country is on number two in the list of countries with highest rape crimes.OMGKAV1102-23.    South Africa- This country stands on the third position in the list of world’s countries with highest rape crimes.  This country accounts for one of the highest number of incidences of child and baby rapes.OMGKAV1102-34.    Mexico- This is world’s fourth country with the highest number of rape crimes. When it comes to the safety of women, this country is not at all safe. Many adverse cases have been reported in this country. OMGKAV1102-45.    Canada- This country comes on the next position on the list of countries with highest rape crimes. The condition in this country is so bad that in every three women, one has been subjected to such a shameful act at some point of time in life. Most of the cases go unreported, which makes the situation even worse.     OMGKAV1102-5

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