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5 Moments in Life We Wish to Preserve Forever

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It is impossible to control time. With time, everything changes; it is the reason our elders tell us to value time and enjoy every moment of life. There are many moments in life that are not going to be same ever again. We always wish we could preserve those unforgettable moments. Here are some of those moments:

1. Time Spent with Beloved Ones: Time spent with parents, siblings, friends and partner is the most valuable time. That time cannot be replaced with anything else. During that phase, we come to know who loves us and would stay with us forever.OMGVIS0235-1
2. First Holiday Trip with Friends: Going out with friends is among the most amazing moments of life. The memories of a trip with friends always stay with us. You may have many holiday trips, but first holiday trip with friends is unmatchable.OMGVIS0235-2
3. The First Day at Workplace: After completing study, the first day at office is always special. You notice a different world around you. That is the time when you come to know that you are a mature person now.
4. A Hug From A Special Person: We always want to preserve those moments when we feel special. When someone special hugs you, you feel relaxed.
5. When Everything is Perfect: There are very rare moments when you are feeling like everything is perfect in your life. You wish that moment could last forever.     OMGVIS0235-5

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